Know how much sales reps will sell BEFORE you hire!


We help sales organizations get more new revenue through pinpointed hiring and changing sales behaviors.   As our starting point, we use the Sales Call Reluctance Assessment.  Our specialties include:

  • Diagnosing hidden call reluctance that is affecting your organization’s revenues
  • Helping you know how much your candidates will sell BEFORE you hire them, how soon they’ll start producing, and how easy/difficult they’ll be to manage.  (Ask yourself, “What percent of my reps would I rehire today?”)
  • Helping you lower attrition, in hiring and in your current organization
  • Increasing your ramp-up speed  and productivity
  • Increasing the coaching quantity and effectiveness of front-line managers.

It’s one thing to teach and tell; it’s quite another issue to get people to do whatever you’ve trained and told. Why? Because sales behaviors and habits can be difficult to change. That’s where we come in.

Jeffrie is licensed and certified in Sales Call Reluctance by Behavioral Sciences Research Press, www.bsrpinc.com .


What is Sales Call Reluctance?

This is NOT a picture of Sales Call Reluctance.  It’s much more subtle, and sometimes totally invisible.  But it can attack your revenue stream with a vengeance.

Call Reluctance is the hesitation to initiate conversation or contact.  With inside sales, hesitation can move a prospect into oblivion in less than a second.

And there are twelve different types, discovered by Behavioral Sciences Research Press over the last 30 years.  Some can be deadly; others merely whack off sales from a particular market or selling situation.

Call Reluctance is a behavior, not a personality.  And it’s a behavior that directly affects how much selling goes on in your organization.  Most of it is learned from others who have Call Reluctance, which means it could be spreading through your office as you read this.  It also means that someone’s personality type can’t be a predictor of Sales Call Reluctance.

There are two ways to address it:  (1) Hire people with low amounts of Call Reluctance, and (2) teach people how to overcome it and prevent it from spreading.  We do both.  We also measure three issues that affect how much drive someone has – which can look like Call Reluctance but is totally different yet impacts your sales.

What types and severity of Call Reluctance is inhabiting your organization?  What can you do about it?  How well are you hiring people who will perform?  What types are spreading?  What can you do about it? You can significantly improve your sales by allowing us to answer these questions for you.

For a no-obligation discussion or webinar, email Jeffrie Story at story@jeffrie.com .


Jeffrie, your webinar was the topic of subject all afternoon yesterday. The call allowed us to connect the dots with your book. The level of details provided and pictorials helped keep the attention of the team. Everyone was actively engaged and eager to learn/understand more about the call reluctance types. The assessment portion tied everything together beautifully. It was astonishing to see how accurate the assessment was to the agent we assessed. There is a lot of value there, and just from the one assessment the supervisors were able to come up with a few different ways to help (rep name) elevate to the next level.

Esther C

Sales Center Manager

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